More holiday advice please........Dubai helicopter trip or transfer

    Hi again folks, sorry to be a pest with the holiday advice, but were off (my g/f and I) to dubai in sept for her birthday, and was thinking it woul dbe great to take a flight over the city to appreciate the place along with seeing how big the reclamation works to construct the world and the palms are from the air.
    So has anyone been before and can recomend a helicopter charter/tour company to do this for us?

    Oh and also any other advice for while were there would be a huge help and greatly appreciated



    Firstly will your g/f like being in a helicopter?

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    oh yeah we have done it before, even took my 3 year old up he loved it,
    she has only said she wont come up in an aerobatic flight with me, dunno why hahaha

    Cool, well from google, its appears they have a few decent operators out there, have a blast.

    My personal advice to you would be to forego the heli ride - nothing of interest to see from the air in Dubai

    Instead spend the money on taking her to Al Hadheerah near the Bab al shams hotel in the center of the desert. If you time it right youll also be able to participate in the camel ride / falcon show offered by the hotel. Excellent food and a great authentic show.…ng/

    Worth the price and would choose that over a heli ride over Dubai any day of the week

    A heli ride over the Maldives / French Polynesia - yes.... One over the desert - no

    Also, if you guys are into excursions, we had a blast doing one of the 4x4 desert safaris

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    Wow the 4x4 thing sounds really good, trouble is she gets car sick so reckon that would be a no thanks from her hahaha, thanks for the info on the dining but i think we will stick inside the hotel as its the new atlantis on the palms so loads to see and do in there, mind you the camel racing sounds great fun, maybe we will look at that.
    Many thanks forsaken
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