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what do you guys think about these 2 laptops - seem to be decent with 17" screens and the new graphics cards…tml

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Nice and should be for over a grand. Trust you are some type of PC gamer who needs that much power?

The Asus is a damn good deal, making me wonder about my one I'm not sure why you would even look at the MSI. It looks like you are paying for the Kaby Lake i7 processor. The i5 is quad core so unless (like me) you are a bit **** about CPUs I would go for the Asus.

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cheers for the feedback guys, im a lapsed pc gamer upgrading a 8 year old laptop so trying to get something that will last for a while and play some decent pc games aswell as doing the job to work from home

wasn't sure about the difference in processor compared to the extra ram and different gpu.. been a while since ive delved into the pc spec world so good to get some more knowledgeable opinions

I'd not be using a gaming laptop myself for work.. unless I was the boss.. but I'd hate to fry my laptop gaming and it cost my business..
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