More Mad Catz stuff……jpg…atz [U Mad Catz's PlayStation 3 accessories have been pretty sparse since the console's release -- consisting only of some cables, controller skins, a vertical stand, and a "horizontal system stacker" -- but the company's now stepping things up a bit, rolling out a new line of PS3 controllers competing for your thumbs' attention. Available in both wired and wireless versions, the controllers eschew Sony's trademark…xis [U SIXAXIS technology in favor Mad Catz's entirely different "SixSense" motion sensing mojo, and come in your choice of red, blue, black, or silver. They're also, of course, priced lower than Sony's SIXAXIS, coming in at $30 for the wired controller and $40 for the wireless model.

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    Oh, did everyone know that Sony are now destined to reintroduce the rumble function to the official pads. They made friends with Immersion again
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