More problems with Very.co.uk!!

Found 7th Feb 2012
Bought a jacket for £20 from very, they're trying to charge me £70!!! I said this to them and they refused to budge then changed it to £22.50. Ok, £2.50 not a big thing but the point is, i bought it at £20, how can they now say something else? The woman says they have no audit history for pricing so they can only see the price right now. Has anyone else experienced this same problem?

Thanks :-)
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did you not get a confirmation email when you bought it?

did you not get a confirmation email when you bought it?

Just what i was thinking
Doesn’t make sense. What’s the full story here. Did you use voucher codes or something?
you shud have got a recipt with the item aswell
I think recently they have had a few items priced wrongly as I purchased a lounge suit for £7 and I noticed a nice dressing gown and pj set that I nearly bought but didn't, the next day I thought oh what the heck I will buy them but they had then double in price but were still in the sale so I think hey had reduced them to much maybe.
Hi amurray88,

When you place an order online then you should receive an email confirmation to your email address minutes after placing the order. On this email, it would break down everything you have ordered and what you were charged for each item. If there are any discrepancies then you could call our Customer Services and flag it asap so we could do a search there and then with you and confirm all prices.

If you placed the order on the phone, the order advisor should confirm the price of the item with you so you could challenge if needs be and then the advisor would be able to check our website or catalogue.

If we cannot find the price of the item being the price you have stated then we would normally ask you to provide evidence of this price before we would adjust the item.

If you would like us to look into it for you, then please so not hesitate to contact us at Network@VeryHQ.co.uk and we'll do all we can to help.

Many Thanks

Very Company Representative


Panto season was last month

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What, in January?

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What, in January?

I just got my first Very bill and all was normal, very happy
how come cant get into very.co.uk
I cant log into my account

I cant log into my account

had a very account since feb interest free paid off my first order ordered to more items now they have started charging me interest tried speaking to a manager at very told none available or in a meeting also keep being told i have a ordinary account ..
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