More V Festival tickets in May?

    I heard there is another batch of tickets released for V Festival in May?

    I didn't think this was true but has anyone got any information?

    Lucky i already have my ticket! Weston park 2010!


    Don't they usually put on sale tickets which are returned or not sold for what ever reason?

    I got 6 tickets for weston park but looks like be needing more, why do people decide they want to go once the tickets are all sold out. Asked them Tuesday once I had tickets and this morning when I could have gotten more.

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    Hmmm i don't think they release another batch though..

    Tickets sold out in 90 minutes apparently this year!!

    V festival always says that the festival sold out in 90 minutes, it's not true and has never been the case, the tickets are sold in batches, just keep checking, the best place for info is efestival in the v festival forum. Last year the tickets were for sale for days( seetickets ticketmaster) after they said it was sold out, helping the touts on eBay. V festival don't give a stuff about there customers, don't care about the touting of tickets, they only care about image.just don't believe a word they say, especially stadge timings.

    Just checked seetickets and they are loads as usual, sold out my ....

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    Just checked seetickets and they are loads as usual, sold out my ....

    All sold out for me when you click on them...

    Only disabled and camper van tickets left..
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