morgage tracker rate finishing

    this is finishing in march does anyone know any good deals on either a fixed rate or tracker either 2 3 5 or 10 year deals cheers


    It depends how much equity you have - you get much diferent deals depeding on this, the MSE forum would probably be better too but they'll not be able to help you without much more info either.

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    they put me on the halifax svr 4.5% phoned them up they want £1299 to be able to have a 3 year tracker at 3.86% working out payment for 4.5% =£468 payment for 3.86% =£426 saving £42 a month x 36 =1512 so only saving £213 and thats if the rate stays the same for 3 years

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    I think the problem is your asking such a broad question without giving specifics, fixed or tracker, 2,3,5,10 year? Your just asking for a "good" deal, what constitutes a good deal your your eyes though - low monthly payments, or the security of knowing your payments wont go up in the future? Also do you have funds to pay an upfront fee or not, and what is your LTV? There are not really any "bad" mortgage deals out there, it would be silly for banks to market bad products as they would never win business, however what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another. Be more specific about what you want and I'm sure people will be able to help

    im in the same boat as you, i got a buy to let finishing in march, new mortgage rates are being published tomorrow (according to my mortgage advisor)., im seeing him on Monday, will let you know what rate he finds me
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