morgan computers great customer service

    just got an email from morgan computers regarding a hard drive i ordered from them - couldnt be happier that its gone oos
    explained in 1st post...


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    heres the original thread -…3-d

    and heres the link to the netac 320 gb drive on amazon -…NZ6

    and here is the email i got!!

    Subject: Verbatim 250gb hard drive

    Dear shane

    You recently placed an order on our website [url][/url] for a Verbatim 250gb portable hard drive.

    Due to a high demand we ran out very quickly.

    Would you prefer the Netac 320gb hard drive at no extra charge or would you rather cancel your order?

    Please let me know and we'll try and despatch ASAP

    Many thanks

    Morgan Computers

    needless to say im happy to accept the exchange!

    thats pretty cool!

    good to see some good customer service for a change!

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    thats pretty cool!good to see some good customer service for a change!

    yea - im well pleased!:thumbsup:
    just thought id post here as its restored my faith in "customer service"

    Expect to get spammed into oblivion from these muppets.
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