Morgan Freeman Injured in car accident!

    Lets hope he gets well soon!


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    Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman is in hospital after being injured in a car accident in Mississippi.

    The 71-year-old Dark Knight star is in a serious condition, according to staff at Memphis's Regional Medical Center.

    Click the pic to

    Hope he's OK, one of my fave actors.


    yeh i agree hes really talented

    cool guy, hope he pulls thru

    Hope he's ok, really good actor.

    Seems this new Batman film is jinked, first Heath Ledger, Conway Wickeliffe (a technician on the film) was killed in a car accident, Christian Bale with those allegations and now this. :?

    emasu;2671672 sure why it … sure why it was expired :?

    Its the curse of batman :cry:
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