Bonjou fellow slaves, how was your weekend?
    Drive in this morning .... trolling along on the inside lane doing 70 --- car behand about 5 car distance --- riding along ....all of a sudden the guy behind accelerates pulls into the middle lane, drives past me till he is about one car in front, slows down to match my speed, we travel like this for about half a mile, he then accelerates till he is about 8 car lengths in front and again slows to match my speed and we travel like that till I turn off the motoraway !!!! Weird or what?
    Any temperature a pleasant 52 F(11 C) roads dry and visibilty excellent.


    Morning everyone, have a good day

    Morning all, hope you all had a good weekend



    Good morning - And maybe he fancied a little race


    Thats what happens when you drive the Mercedes -Benz SL65 to work !

    I swear this going to work thing is overrated... Now where did i put my tea. drinking my tea at my desk and trawling through the deals on's a hard life lol!

    Maybe he wanted to bone you.

    Congratulations-- you made a new friend on the motorway! Be careful he may store his old friends in his boot

    Morning all,

    What a beautiful start to a week - Possibly the crappiest weather all year today =[ Worked till midnight last night and wanted to stay in bed forever this morning...

    Have a good start to the week people,

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