MORNING ALL!! Whats the new(?) Jackie Chan and Jet Lee Film Called?

Other half mentioned he wants it so gonna buy him it as a super sexy valentines gift! hehe

It might not even be new hes a bit of a moron, I jokingly suggested watching Fearless last night (i deteste king-fu type films!) Then he went on a massive rant on how fantastic the new film was and how much he wanted it! Bless him!

If your feeling extreamly helpful post best price for it too

Thanks for your help,. rep of course will be left


Forbidden Kingdom?


^^^ yup

that films is so old, prob get it for about a pound now, lol

Original Poster

all them films are bad they are so pathetic they make me cringe! Thanks for your help though, rep left

Watched it, was rubbish thanks to the yanks having control.

They are making a new film together which will be filmed in China so will hopefully represent a classic martial arts movie.

Yea...forbidden kingdom was disappointing..

Forbidden King was lame... but if ur looking for a good kid karate movie then its fab..... made me laugh with uts 'monkey-magic' esq fights!! wicked"!!

It was a decent movie better then most shizzle these days.

Watched this like 6 months ago!! :?
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