Morning greetings

    Morning fellow humans ..... roads a bit wet this AM although temperature quite mild, hardly any traffic on country lanes nor on t'motorway .... I dont think I am earleir than normal ...... ho hum!


    Good Morning:)

    Did you get that MP3 to Word issue sorted?


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    Good Morning:)Did you get that MP3 to Word issue sorted?

    No .... still searching

    Morning Mike - wow I had the best sleep ever last night - also the best dream! (worth a late night thread that dream lol)

    Predikuesi - was hoping to be up before you this morning lol - u can guess where am popping over to FOR ONLY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!:-D

    Morning Mike, love ya, Blossom xx

    Hello all wet here


    Hello all wet here

    turn off the shower silly xx

    Morning Fellow Mike day 2 of my week off mmm doing nothing is great:)

    Good Morning all

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    Its coming down in buckets .... hailstone ....... sky black as the hobs of hell ...... someones just got into work looking like a drowned rat (not that I have seen a drowned rat) ........ ho hum

    all over here, brightening up now.

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    Just in case anyone was worried about me ... I’m okay now, storm seems to have passed over .... blue skies and white fluffy clouds now ...sun is trying to come out !!!! .....:w00t:
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