Morocco 2010 - Marrakesh or Agadir??

    Hiya, planing to book a surprise trip for myself and partner to Morocco next year, checked out a few prices and would plan to go in May/June. Prices are pretty flexible but need an opinion from anyone who may have been to the country, iv never travelled there myself.

    Basically, we are both beach lovers, however we love sightseeing, mixing with the culture and feeling as though we are a world away from home (to an extent). Guides suggest Marrakesh has no beach, however no problem finding a hotel with a pool, as as we will be there for only 7 days it wont be a massive issue... we can do a beach hol another time elsewhere.

    So, any suggestions of where would be best for a couple, both in our mid-20's.

    Thanks in advance :-)


    Agadir - it's easier to spell:-D

    "Dear Mum & Dad, having a great time in Marry Marre Merrack b*ll*cks Having a great time in Morocco":giggle:

    I haven't been to Agadir but have been to Marrakech and Casablanca and Casablanca was the winner for me, nice beaches too.

    I wasn't too keen on Marrakech, it was overly busy and lots of cockroaches :-(


    I went to Agadir and we also went to Marrakesh for 2 days aswell. Agadir was awesome excellent weather with nice beaches and loads of things to do. When we went Marrakesh it was too hot and as soon as we went out of the hotel we would start sweating due to the heat. All the hotels have AC if i was to go again i would got Agadir if i was to go Marrakesh i would go at a different time of year when its abit cooler.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the tips, I think I was secretly hoping for Marrakesh, but votes seem to be for Agadir. Will get it booked up as soon as I find a good deal then :-D
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