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Found 15th Feb 2013
hey guys

just a quick Q

is the currency of Morocco available over the counter in most banks or is it one of these currencies where you've got to specially order it in.

and which place is the best to convert my pounds into dirhams and vice versa....ideally want to pay no commision or as little as possible.

one last request..anyone know the going rate for the dirhams if converted in Morocco itself? At the moment, in the UK its about 12 dirhams to the £1...just wondering how much I should convert from here...
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I would convert as much as you can over here as have heard the converters in Morocco are not reliable, (although I have never been myself). The best place to change money is usually the post office but you would have to order it in. If you booked to travel with thompson they do a discounted rate on exchange and have a free 'buy it back' policy for when you come home. Hope this helps.
my advice is to not convert from here, but once you are there, people will show you good places where you can get a good bang for your buck.
thanks for both answers but still none the wiser
I've been to Marrakech a couple of times. Currency is not generally available in the UK but some places might order it for you. I tried M&S and the post office and several others and couldn't get it. You can find places such as moneycorp on the net that will let you order it, and collect it at the airport. The trouble is that they don't have small notes usually and a 100 dirham note is quite large for taxis and the like. I know that at Marrakech airport, once you're through security etc there are several counters to change money but you need to check the rates as they can vary between them. I expect that the same is true of other international airports in Morocco. Hotels will also change money and I found that the rate at the one I stayed was comparable both to the airport banks and moneycorp.com. There are cashpoints in Marrakech (mainly the new town I think) and Fes, but again larger notes although hotels will break them for you. I can't speak for other towns and cities there.

At Christmas I got 13.02 dirham from moneycorp.com and found that the airport banks were giving 13.1 so not a lot of difference. No commission charges.
Dirhams are a controlled currency as far as I know. There's a limit to how much you are allowed to take in/out of the country.

On a recent trip to Marrakech, I didn't take any dirhams in advance. As soon as you get into the airport lobby there are cash machines which will give you dirhams at a good enough rate, or alternatively exchange desks.

One thing to note, if you use either of the above you end up with notes. Ideally you need to get some change asap, as the whole country is very 'money minded', any assistance rendered (requested or otherwise) tends to warrant either a small tip of change, or otherwise an argument of some sort!
Afaik, you are not allowed to export dirhams, ie only convert what you think you'll need.

FCO website says this -
You should bring sufficient funds for the visit in cash or credit cards. There is no limit on the amount you can import. Most major credit cards are accepted in the larger urban centres throughout Morocco. It is not possible to change Scottish bank notes and it‘s very difficult to change travellers’ cheques in Morocco. The Moroccan Dirham is non-convertible and its export is prohibited. ATMs are widely available in cities and most main towns.
So I can take their money in the country but not take it out?

How does the moneycorp thing work? Where exactly at the airport do you pick the cash up from? I'm flying from Manchester.

Many thanks for the advices so far!

and try not to handle the notes too much and use anti-bacterial spray … and try not to handle the notes too much and use anti-bacterial spray afterwardsit's truly filthy just like egyptian money riddled with e-coli

NO, this is wrong , all money is laundered
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When we went to morroco we could only buy a small amount of dirham(about £100) in the UK from barclays bank. When we got there we got money from ATMs. Also it was easy to find currency exchanges so take £££s

Found this info on naturallymorocco.co.uk

Although the Euro and, to a lesser extent, Sterling are accepted in certain tourist areas, the currency generally required is the Dirham, the Moroccan currency, and it is useful to have Dirham handy for everyday use.
Dirham is normally purchased within Morocco, and can be obtained from bureau de change in airports, major banks and hotels, or from cash machines, which are widely available in major towns and cities and will take most UK credit and debit cards. Using a debit card at an ATM is often the easiest and cheapest method. In the country side and smaller towns cash points are rare and cards are often not accepted. In any case inform your bank before you travel if you intend to use a card, to stop them declining any transaction as an anti-fraud measure. Some travel agents in the UK offer Dirham now, but they tend to offer poor rates of exchange and limited amounts.
The Moroccan Dirham exchange rate is set by the central Bank of Morocco. Euros and Pounds sterling and are accepted by some larger traders. Traveller's cheques are useful for emergencies but can be very time consuming to cash. A currency exchange slip is required to change back surplus Dirham.
Anyone know what the exchange rate is given in morocco? In the UK its about 12 to the £. Just wanted to know what they were offering there.

Many thanks
Also can anyone link me to a pic of the type of travel adapter for my phone so I can charge it.

European travel plug will work fine

Anyone know what the exchange rate is given in morocco? In the UK its … Anyone know what the exchange rate is given in morocco? In the UK its about 12 to the £. Just wanted to know what they were offering there. Many thanks

From my vague memory I think it was at least 13+ that I got, I think there's a standard rate, maybe google it?
thanks mate. just been let down by Thomas cook as they said they are finding it difficult too to source the currency.....
Yeah, there's really no point taking it with you if you're going to a big city airport, just get some from the cash machine when you land and buy a drink or something so you have pocket change for tipping.
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