Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner - any good?

Found 20th Nov 2013
Anyone has got one? Is it really good or will be just another appliance in the cupboard?

It was given quite good review results on Which?, the only concerns I have that it is a little bit heavy in the handheld mode and that you can't use tap water.
We have hard floor in the living room only, but it needs to be cleaned pretty often as the active toddler makes a lot of spills etc. I'm going to use it mainly for windows & oven & upholstery. That's why I didn't go for just mop and looked for both mop & handheld cleaner option.
Do you really need to use distilled water or soft tap water will be ok? Quick look in internet shows that buying water isn't cheap.
Anyone knows where to buy this steam cleaner at the lowest price? The best I found so far is £60 (including delivery).
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They're great! Got one a couple of weeks ago and couldn't go without it now. I use tap water and it works fine, wouldt be bothered with the distilled stuff!
Got mine on Captain Cooks for £57.99 with free delivery. They're out of stock at the moment but say on their site they will have them back in on Friday.
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If after 5/6 uses you put in white vinegar with water and just let it steam out it will clean all the scale out.
I borrowed my friends H2o steam mop and that was excellent but i felt like the handle was going to break and to clean the oven was useless and to clean the shower glass was useless but for floors and kitchen cupboards and paintwork it was excellent
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Check out the little hello good all round performance. All the attachments fit onto a hose so very easy to use. And gets into small places like ovens. Ideal world or little yello site stock it.
Bought a black and decker steam cleaner and was not impressed. Leaves streaks and not as good as they claim on these shopping channels.
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