Morrisons £25 Chart Game's Disapeared??

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Found 13th Aug 2009
Hey i was just wondering where the thread for the morrisons £25 chart games was i had it in my activity bit yesterday but now it's gone and i can't seem to find it when i search can anyone help??


hello yes there have been several posts today asking where it has gone and no-one seems to know!! the games were meant to be £20 for all chart games ds/psp/ps3 and xbox! dont know why it was removed though matbe everyone has had enough of these now as they dont seem to happen!!!

when is this supposed to happen?

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18th Aug supposedly


17th aug but it was spammed as it was only a rumour from a mate of a mate who works on the shop floor.

Hardly a deal and more than likely would have gone the way of the tescos £20 chart games

i.e. went to 2500 degrees and turned out to be a dodgy rumour so expired and will now live on as one of the best deals ever on here!

personally, I dont reckon 'rumoured' future deals should be allowed or if they are then voting cannot happen until the deal start date.

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I asked in store today and they said they didn't know about the deal but i will check again tomorow incase they get told tonight about it.

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phoned my local (Wellingborough) they said the only game thats gone down is call of duty to £26, Also phone Kettering and they said there was a phew that had gone down but not from the chart so i guess thats the game's in the red box type thing like alone in the dark, timeshift and such.
Yup it was a fake i tryed northampton victoria and they said there isn't such a deal now but they know they did it last year.
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