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Posted 27th Jul 2013
Please don't freeze me to zero Kelvin without checking this out first, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Morrisons own brand Value butter is actually re-packaged Kerrygold 'now even softer' butter, which some of us here really love when it's on offer at £1. The Morrisons value butter is in a paper wrapper, not a fancy foil one.

As a fan, you're probably aware that although still 250g, Kerrygold butter is an odd size compared to most packs. Morrisons value butter just happens to have the same unusual dimensions. I didn't twig this until first noticing that the value butter is fairly soft out of the fridge (like Kerrygold) and goes soft very quickly at room temperature. I usually buy this butter just for baking, but occasionally use it for spreading when my stocks of Kerrygold run out.

Can some of you Kerrygold fans grab a pack of the Morrisons Value butter for yourselves to see what you think? Second, third, fourth opinions would be appreciated!
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