Morrisons Café free refills YES or NO?

Posted 19th Mar 2018
So the other day me and my girlfriend decided to get a coffee at Morrisons as we normally do. We drank our coffee and decided yeah we could do with a refill - so we go back to the machines (just like IKEA where the machines are beyond the tills). We always assumed this was a free refill setup in Morrisons - in a sort of attempt to compete with the boom in coffee shops. So to our surprise a Morrisons staff member jumped out as if we were bank thieves, and tells us there's NO refills... I explained we always do this because of the clear layout of the machines beyond the till area. She said maybe it's store specific but they DO NOT allow this.

Is this the same everywhere? It seems common sense that this would be a free refill system - or are we alone in thinking this??

Could do with the HUKD communities thoughts on this

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