Morse or Engineering

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Found 22nd Jun 2009
So I've finished my a levels and feel quite happy in what I've done and now its time for university, well all 3 months away.

The problem is I cant decide whether to stick with the Morse course at warwick or try and go through clearing and get on to a general engineering course: the main reason being the highly intense stressful jobs in actuarial stuff etc etc for large companies.

I have also got on to a course in natural sciences at durham but i am really confused whether to stick or twist and go with engineering.

So which course would be better suited for future life?

And durham or warwick?


pointless asking other people what is best for need to decide on your own and go for it...

choose the one which you think you will be happier doing, sure some pay more, but what's money when you feel miserable 9 hours a day until your 65?

im not familiar with the profession actuarial (im not from europe..) .. but id tend to go for engineering - you can always get a good job in that. natural sciences, to get a good paying job in that, it is great, you need to significant postgraduate work beyond masters. i know loads of biology doctors who spend a year on a remote island counting slugs....

my two cents..
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