Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    Game looks interesting
    Anyone recommend it?

    Im thinking its probably one of those titles that is better to rent than purchase - correct?whats the online mode like?


    I rented it.........completed the story mode and sent it back to Tesco.

    It's ok but nothing great.

    I brought it before Xmas and played once for about an hour.

    I got it as a big mortal kombat fan and love super heroes films etc. Once you get over the gimick of playing superman vs batman its not very good.

    Graphics is ok and like how clothes tear.

    But the fatalitys are soooooo poor. I understand you cant chop lex luthers head of but

    I brought it for 19.99 and to be honest knowing whats it like now, only buy if you can get under 15.00.

    I would give it 6.5 out of 10.

    See IGN video review may help ya decide. :w00t:

    i bought it for 14yr old son completed both sides on story mode in two half hours
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