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    Hi All,

    I need a mortgage at short notice for a property i have seen in auction.

    I have spoken to my own bank and another.

    As time is tight, is there any risk of doing 2 applications at same time, reason is one bank has a better fixed rate at 4.09, while the other bank has a no set up fees tracker at 2.99% (that can be easily fixed if necessary).

    *there is no guarantee either bank will have mortgage approved in time.*

    Ideally we want the second rate, what's the risk of having 2 mortgage applications at go at same time?

    I know it effects the credit score doing more than one check, but our credit health is good.

    Any thoughts?


    if you do 2 mortgage applications at go it will just hold things up best just stick to one place

    talk to your broker

    can i ask where these rates are from?
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