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Found 29th Mar 2014
We were living at my fathers until December when we got our own place and my father is going through the stages of buying his council property.

The mortgage company has sent him this form for my wife and myself to sign but everything I can find on this suggests it's for people living in the property, so should we sign? Anyone have any ideas?

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If its regarding not be able to stay in the property i.e. as a sitting tenant should the mortgage be foreclosed in the future then its just to cover them for other people who actually live in the house at the time.If this is the case Id suggest just signing it as a cursory acknowledgement of the mortgage comapnys rights,you could seek a free hours consultation from a local lawyer or citizens advice if your in any way worried about it.

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Very few solicitors will do free consultation. Why should they? The form is for all occupants over the age of 18 who live at the property and are not party to the mortgage. It is to protect the mortgage company in getting vacant possession should they need to repossess. You will also find it is a condition of a your mortgage to notify a mortgagee of anyone renting a room at property during the term of the mortgage. Same principle.
But the question remains I've not lived there for months now would I even need to sign the form?

But the question remains I've not lived there for months now would I even … But the question remains I've not lived there for months now would I even need to sign the form?

Inform the mortgage company of the change of circumstance and send them proof of your new address. Or sign it, wont make you liable.
I would definitely NOT sign it.....signing anything that you do not need to.....is just plain stupid !
You got the form because you 'were' living there and the mortgage company wants to ensure that no other party could be seen to have a beneficial interest in the property. Inform them you no longer live there, and so will to be signing it, give them proof of new address, and problem has disappeared.

If your father did ever get into trouble with the property in the future, you could probably move back in, claim a beneficial interest to buy some time, to get him out of trouble. Not saying that anyone should do this....but mortgage companies have been shown to be uncaring and enethical.........so best to be a combative consumer. The only one that will look after your rights is you.....not your mortgage company !
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