Mortgage Express/ Bradford & Bingley rate cut?

Found 7th Nov 2008
Last month Mortgage Express (who are owned by the government owned Bradford & Bingley) dropped our variable mortgage rate in line with the governments 0.5% cut. However, I am wondering if anyone knows if the same will be happening with the latest 1.5% cut announced this week? I think i saw on sky news earlier that bradford & bingley announced are going to pass this on to customers on the variable rate mortgage, and seeing as they also own mortgage express i was hoping it would also apply to me? i could really do with the extra money each month.

Just called mortgage express and they have no announcement to make at this time.....grrr!

anyone got any views or information that may help to clarify this?!?!?
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As B&B are nationalised I think that they will do so.
Although there will not be new products out until next week at the very earliest.
I got a letter from Halifax(my lender) today telling me they had dropped their SVR(standard variable rate) which applies to me down to 5% Meaning it knocked about £71 p/m off my mortgage payment

Just need to find a really good fixed rate now
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