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    hey, I am just after some mortgage advice really.
    The girlfriend starts a teaching job in october on a years contract and we then want to be able to buy our first property together. What are our chances of getting a mortgage soon after she starts a job? I have heard things about them needing 3 months of payslips but I have also been told that some would consider it sooner. When we opened a bank account recently the lady said not to worry about the 3 months but to go and see them as soon as the girlfriend starts earning and they may be able to do something.

    Has anyone on here got a mortgage without needing 3 months worth of proof of pay?

    Im just getting a little stressed lately, still living at home at the age of 26 and the sooner I/We can get out the better.



    everyones circumstances are different,just go and see one on here can even start to predict what they will say


    main difficulty might be them accepting her at all when she only has a fixed term contract rather than a permanent job


    yeahm boothy is right. go & see an IFA.


    everyones circumstances are different,just go and see one on … everyones circumstances are different,just go and see one on here can even start to predict what they will say


    Only the bank can answer that for you.

    We got our first mortgage when I'd only been with my employer about two months (although this was about 10 years ago) - the bank (A&L) just asked for a letter from my employers detailing my slaray and stating that I was in a secure job with long-term prospects.

    A big deposit helps.;)

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies guys, I wasn't necessarily asking if the bank would do it as nobody else could answer that but I was looking for examples where people had been given mortgages regardless without needing the 3 month proof of pay etc etc.



    A big deposit helps.;)

    too right - you should be looking to have around a 20% deposit else the interest rate will be sky high

    talk to an IFA, not a bank/BS…e0w
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    Don't wanna rain on your parade, but maybe you should be cautious as she's only on a 1 year contract?


    A big deposit helps.;)

    Agreed. No deposit = no mortgage

    You used to be able to get aroud the salary/payslip thing with self-certified mortages (i.e. you lied about your earnings) but you will have very little chance of that now. If it's that bad at home, why not rent for a bit. Property prices are going nowhere and it could be a useful trial before you commit yourselves financially.
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