Mortgages Query

    At the moment, how is the state of mortgages,

    How much are they lending percentage wise to the property's value?

    For example £100,000 flat/house etc.

    Because they used to lend the full 100%, but i pretty much doubt that is on the cards after the crisis?

    Any help is really appreciated, and will rep people.



    Most are around the 75% mark, but I just looked at Nationwide who are doing a 90% rate if you have one of their current accounts:


    85% is what to aim for if you are struggling. The best scenario is for 70% LTV or less, you will be paying the least monthly/overall if you can stretch to that

    we got 75% a 4.89%, 85% would have been 6%!!!


    I have a 75% at 3.25%. I got this the day before Nationwide pulled their trackers.

    I bought my house 2 months ago and had to put 15% towards at 4.99%, there was a couple of 10% ones I could of taken but the interest rates where pretty high. Your best bet is to speak to a whole of market mortgage broker, In the end these ]http//ww…uk/ got me the best deal and where brilliant from start to finish.
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