mortgages/home insurance - help!!!!

    can anyone help my aunts so stupid when it comes to bills and ends up getting ripped off silly. The latest thing i am trying to sort out for her is her mortgage and home insurance/building insurance/content insurance. Now I haven't got a clue about any of these things as i dont own a house so i need all your help!!

    Must you get your home insurance from the same company you get your morgage from? If you have already paid for a year can you cancel it during that period and swap to another company?

    Can you get an instant building/content/home insurance online??? Is that one insurance all combined or is it 3 separate quotes i would need to get.
    Also is there any banks who promise to beat any mortgage deal? (she is with halifax)


    Try NatWest - they have some deal on about guarenteering to reduce mortagage payments.

    No, you don't need to get insurance or assurance from your mortgage lender. Your mortgage lenders only needs prooof that you have building insurance.

    You can obtain a combined building and contents insurnce policy. Life assurance is separate. All three can be obtained on-line. Try searching on [url][/url] for deals.


    Tescos are doing a good deal on Mortgage life insurance. They are very competitive (at least for us) and give you 4500 clubcard points (worth £45 @ tescos)…ce/

    [url][/url] have a guide to mortgages which has some good advice.

    I find that msn have a good money advise section, pop along to and use the links on the left hand side of the page for the subject desired.

    I found it useful for mortgages and personal loans, as well as cheap domestic bills.

    I'm in the process of getting a mortgage & insurance etc.

    THe cheapest & best house insurance is from the Halifax - only £15 per month

    You dont need your insurance & mortgage from the same ppl !!

    I am suggesting the you can try the Nationwide Building Society.

    As I have the insurance in question and I found to be the most value with the my requirments.

    Good Luck

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