Mosquito Repeller

Found 26th Jun
Just wondering if anyone could help with some advice.
We have a sort of half open conservatory in our garden, half open, half glass. I would love to sit out in the evening and relax. However, I always get bit by insects (mosquitos I think) even if I am only out for a few minutes. The bites make my legs and arms swollen and turn a purple colour.

I was wondering if anyone knew of a device that I could buy that would repel or kill them. I have had a look on Amazon, and there are lots of different models you can plug in. I just wanted to know if anyone had a success with anything that could help.

Many Thanks
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2 Comments Buy something like these. Highly recommended but should only be used outdoors or we put them just outside the patio doors if we are inside with the door open.
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If you don't want to use anything containing deet, then i have heard odomos is good.
Available on Amazon here
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