Posted 23rd Jan 2023 (Posted 11 h, 4 m ago)
I've had some discussions with people on here about this in the past, so I thought I'd share the news that unfortunately most TVs this year still will only support 2 HDMI 2.1 ports. Other than Samsung and LG. Rather disappointing news for anyone who was eyeing up a Sony, Panasonic or other branded TV.

Vincent from HDTVtest did a good video on it.

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    Bloody MediaTek
    Mediatek make many chips with different specs. It will be the manufacturer that picks which chip they want to use in a particular model of TV. Mediatek may even offer customisation of features. It's all down to price.
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    why we need more than 2 hdmi 2.1s? I thought you just unplug replug? Or is that £500 more for the priviledge of not doing it?
    1 humax
    2 soundbar with netflix/prime or whatever I want to load
    3 PC for games (edited)
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    I have a need for 6, the answer is a good av receiver.
    But then you need something like a harmony remote to deal with all the switching of settings etc and logitech have stopped making them

    God knows what I'm going to do when my Harmony stops working. Cry probably.
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    I'm not able to watch the video, is that just 2 HDMI ports total, or will it be 2 x 2.1 ports plus a few 'lesser' ports? Whilst I agree that 2 ports total is quite restrictive, having other HDMI ports for things like soundbars and other sources that don't require 2.1 would be a decent compromise.

    Personally I have no devices that can even get close to 2.1!
    most likely 4 in total, like most current tvs
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    How many people are connecting more than 2 devices to a large screen that requires 4K 120hz. I have a PS5 and PC plugged into my LG.
    not always about that.

    my bravia has 2 x 2.1 ports. one of those is also the earc port for my sounbar. so that removes that option right away, whether im using a 2.1 device or not.

    it suits me as i only have a ps5 and soundbar plugged into mine
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