Posted 26th Dec 2022
Looking at amazon I can barely tell it's boxing day and deals today are moving at a snail's pace. Even my inbox looks pretty quiet. Did I miss something? Has boxing day been cancelled?
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    Uhh what?

    You can always wait until, Jan sales, then spring sales, then summer sales..... etc etc ad infinitum

    All a big con mate.
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    A quiet Boxing Day is a good thing
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    Just think of all the money your saving by keeping it in your wallet
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    Even Amazon knows Britain is Broke ! Their old style slogans dont work anymore. B/F, Prime, WH clearance, Flash Sale, Lightening dlas etc etc.
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    Britains broke....wages not going up...retails not bothering anymore.
    All part of the great reset starting with crashing the economy and implementing CBDC if you like conspiracy theories
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    just think about it logically. The best time to do discounts is November, because after Christmas everyone is gonna have spent or be broke.

    Also imagine discounting after xmas, you dont want people to be returning stuff they paid full whack so they can repurchase at 20% discount.

    A bit of common sense folks please.
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    SCS and DFS are probably having a sale, if you are desperate?
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    Used to go to the sales today but a few years of disappointment i won't bother this year!
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    Many places won't be wanting to sell under the buying price to protect profits etc.
    Shops and places just can't sell stuff off mega cheap or its a sure way to go out of business.
    In which case whatever happened to the economic concept of "loss leader" ? Getting rid of old stock, warehouse clearance /
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    So much for greed is good and shut up & take my money!
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    Never been a good time for sales

    Mid to end of jan followed bu black friday are the best time
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    think we've turned into black friday sales now.
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    There's nothing I'm desperate for to be honest. Most things I might want such as a 4k tv are on offer multiple times a year anyway, and a lot of the Amazon offers are up & down like a yo-yo anyway. £17.99 for earphones one day, £30 the next, back to £18.99 a week later etc.

    Most decent Lego offers were last month.

    Did buy a 4k boxset from Amazon a few days ago, after someone posted the deal here, for a little over £10 when it's generally 3x that, but that's been it for me.

    Emails I've have are for £29.99 Ryanair and Easyjet flights; Clarks 20% off whatever; contact lenses and shirts (these are weekly at the very least); Virgin and Aer Lingus "sales"

    Got 3 neighbours who are pretty much be keeping Amazon in business as the delivery vans are there daily. Would be easier building a depot on the street.

    Plenty of people driving around in Manchester earlier. No idea why or if anything was open. Not far off normal traffic wise.
    Popped to Grimsby a while ago to visit family, and most shops were shuttered including an Aldi (or Lidl?).

    Could go looking for discounted Xmas chocolate tomorrow, but I really don't want any, and 95% of it would have vanished from the shelves anyway.
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    I don’t think the Boxing Day sales are anything like what they used to be, I agree that Black Friday is the best time for deals
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    Not limited to Amazon, pretty much internet wide, boxing day isn’t what it once was in terms of sales. I rarely see a decent deal even posted on here these days, pretty much dead in the water.
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