Most common colour schemes?

Found 10th Sep 2009
I am looking to decorate my bedroom but havn't really got time to shop around for bedding,curtains and accessories.

Wondered what people thought is the most comon colour scheme at the mo? as this will make it much easier for me when shopping, also would love to know where you have seen some nice things.

I was thinking white & black or fuscha & black but I would hate to paint and then not be able to find things for it.

I will rep the 'helpful' replies.

Thankyou x
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Beige brown and turquoise are popular I think
beige :thumbsup:
My bedroom i have chocolate and lattee colour... very tranquil

my bathroom is black and white, i like it, very modern!
back to the 70's!!!
My favourite room in my house is my front room. We have gone for a white theme with splashes of intense colour.

We have an original Roy Lichtenstein piece which is "pop art" at its finest (in my opinion). We have also had a couple of other pieces commissioned by a local artist which are amazing. It looks incredibly fresh and modern.
We have cream / beige / and white throught the house except for one very light green bedroom.
fuschia and lilac or purple
i think teal is getting quite popular at the moment although i do like your fushia idea

Surely the most common colour must be the builders favourite , magnolia. But don't send your husband to buy it if you life in Aberdeenshire. The extract below from the Independant will explain why.

HEAD bowed, he approaches the shop assistant with a tell-tale nervous … HEAD bowed, he approaches the shop assistant with a tell-tale nervous smirk. Then he stabs at the palest colour on the sample card and waits for his pot of emulsion.He is Magnolia Man, the terror of paint-store owners everywhere. For, all too often, his first, precipitate purchase is followed the next day by a visit from his wife. Can the paint, she asks, be exchanged for a bolder colour?Not any more, she can't. A home decor shop in Aberdeenshire has had enough. Allan Gordon has put up a sign in his Alford premises warning that men will only be served with paint if they can show accreditation from their spouse."We will not supply husbands with coloured paint without a signed note from their wives," it reads. Mr Gordon's theory is that securing a woman's approval beforehand will save time for everyone. "The sign is just meant to be lighthearted," he says, "yet there is more than a wee bit of truth behind it. We find that women tend to rule the roost when it comes to picking paint colours. I suppose men still pick the cars, so women like to decide on the home."

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