most laptop for £200?

    off to uni, already have a gaming pc so got everything I need at home. after a laptop that'll do word processing and Internet use for being out and about. just looking for the most laptop for my money, ideally 15", thanks in advance


    £200 doesn't have much to offer. For best value you either need to spend ~£150 on something as cheap as possible or go up to £230-240 where the mainstream Broadwell/Skylake CPUs start appearing.

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    okay, so going up to £250?

    15 is big/bulky and heavy. I hate carrying that size....but love having it at home (i.e. if i was at halls)
    are you happy lugging about 2.7kg with poor battery life every day?
    13" is an ideal compromise. I carry 11" but cannot use it as my main machine

    (not sure if the PC at 'home' is where you'll be living at term time? if so, go for a smaller portable model)
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