Most legendry Nokia Handsets?

    I think the one phone that made it big back in the day was the "Nokia 8890" ive still got mine, in mint condtion!, gonna see how much its worth in about 5 years:)...

    Which phone do you think that made it big?






    he,he,he still got mine, i keep meaning to get rid, but just cant - lol


    the legendary Nokia 5110... its so (if not the most) ]popula Nokiar, in some countries it is called "the million people Nokia"

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    the worst phone nokia made would have to be the ]prism, No offence to all the people on hukd whos got 1!, just a really bad looking handset, nokia have let themselves down on that one!

    Nokia banana, best phone i ever had

    8210, the all time best phone ever, still got mine.:p

    I know its not really a classic yet, but the Nokia 1100 just keeps on working


    Nokia 8800

    I mean, god lol


    Nokia 8800

    excellent looking phone, shame about battery life :P

    Nokia 7110i - the matrix one. Bsck in schoo leveryonr had 3210's etc and i had that matrix phone. Ahh good times!

    Its got to be the 5110! I still see then about today!

    As and for that one emasu, I mean....urghhhh!!!
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