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Posted 16th Dec 2009
So, I'm getting lots of emails wishing me a Merry Christmas and telling me I won't be getting a card this year as Johhny will be donating money to a certain charity instead.

I need a bizarre, obscure genuine charity I can donate money to. The first that springs to mind is one that help poorly Ocelots but I can't find a charity that caters directly for the Ocelot.

Any Ideas?
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its not obscure but erectile dysfunction raised a smile with me when I had that on an e-card. Suppose its not a charity who widely get money-don't think they have a chain of charity shops... lol
I like "Syndromes without a name"…r=0 but I'm sure there's loads of better ones
Or you could say you're giving money to ]H.U.G.S. or ]H.O.P.E. (helping other people everywhere) or ]Helpmates or something obscure like Project Tadpole.
rain rescue ? (and no it's nothing to do with rain it's about dogs)
parrot line?
tiger awareness? (I presume they are trained to shout "TIGER" when one approaches)
friends of friendless churches?

try here for more:


no ocelots, sorry.

there's n'ocelot of call for it round here, sir!
"buy a homeless dog a christmas dinner"
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