Most win a £1 - velvet toilet tissue

Hi, I bought velvet toilet tissue this week- only as on offer! There is a competition on the side which you can win cash. They have £5 million to give away!
I can't get the website to link on here so please anyone feel free to help. Website is velvetmoneytree.com
I did it 3 times using different emails and my partner did also using 4 emails and each time it came up with that we won £1 and to send packaging,receipt and name and address to get a cheque for the prize value.obviously after packaging and stamp there won't be much left but other prizes are available like coupons and £10 upwards prizes.
Worth a go if you use this brand, all you have to do is put the barcode number in which is 7322540092950 fill in the form and play the tree shaking game.
I'm also curious what others get
I have never posted in the competitions section before so please go easy and apologies if already posted, I did search first but couldn't see it.

- Teeth_Extractor


Sounds like a bum deal only kidding bunny_boiler Thx alot

I got a 50p coupon also -I am still a newby to posting and found that the coding behind this site isn't always perfect (it has been changed recently) and I find that if I cant input the correct link then enter what you have got - submit it, then click on the "report/spam link - tick "other" and ask them nicely to amend to correct link - (I dont know who "them" are because they never answer me, but they always seem to do it and quite quickly)
Best of luck
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I got a 50p coupon - thanks!

50p coupon here too,thanks

Hi there!!, i won also, but i couldn't see the amount while i was playing, as you said, i send everything by recordered post just to be sure, but this was more than a month ago, and i never received anythind, not even an email, nothing, i'm still waiting...

50P coupon thanks

Nothing for me but thanks I'll try again if I remember
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