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Found 10th Sep 2010
My mate and I are both regular users of HUKD and have been for a few years now. We were having a discussion about how much we've 'saved/spent' because of this site over time and wondered what was the most other members have spent on a single hotukdeal... Anyone bought a car? a Swedish sauna? A kidney?!
(I think mine was the 46" G10 Panny from RS last autumn!)



What deals?

im bad for this lol ive bought holidays, tvs, video games, laptops, random stuff through here.

Easily several grand lol, cant beat getting a bargain

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i have probably bought more stuff than i knew i needed for sure.. yet to get a hols tho but im sure thats only a matter of time!

4.5 years ago, over £600, 32" Samsung HDTV from freemans, £1100 in Comet same day i ordered, still going strong today

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4.5 years ago, over £600, 32" Samsung HDTV from freemans, £1100 in Comet s … 4.5 years ago, over £600, 32" Samsung HDTV from freemans, £1100 in Comet same day i ordered, still going strong today

thats a deal and a half.. got to love this place for those ones

£400 TV.

Spent £400 on a 40" Sony 1080p lcd last October from John Lewis! Awesome deal it was

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seems to be the place to come for tvs!

I bought the TV from the Bennetts deal - Samsung 50 inch full HD for £580
The Alba 19 inch LCD from Argos £99

In for sale trade I have bought
2 x Quinny pushchairs totaling £320
A laptop - £180
An iPhone £233

wow!, numerous other things I thought I wanted at the time.......

I come on here and spend a fortune on crap I don't need..

We don't 'save' anything...

We're just mass consumers lining the pockets of big corporations...

Now I go and cry in a corner

netbook. i didnt need it at all

£550 macbook in the fs/ft section.


Bought some expensive things through here, but all things that we needed and would of bought whether I was on this site or not. Have never bought anything expensive on impulse

Best bargain would be mispriced camera - £13.49 instead of £134.99 (which was already a reduction!). None misprice would probably be mamas and papas rocker for £18 instead of about £80

Some good free stuff too, like LOADS of free moonpig cards, hallmark card today, few books etc

This website has introduced me to survey sites too and have made a lot of £££ through them, oh and never heard of cashback before i came on hukd (wasnt using vouchers either - cant believe I used to be like that!!!)

I don't blame this site, I blame spritey! He started a thread about revos running xbmc, so I bought one, then a week or so later he started a thread about HTC desires, so I bought one.

Luckily I haven't seen him for a while......

Whoop, nice one langer... im glad you did this rather than actually any work... haha, no one bought a car or anything? im disapointed a bit.... lots of T.Vs no 2nd hand nuclear subs.

i love hotukdeals.........if you've got it, spend it.

i've bought too much to list, at least 2 things per week and i've been a member for roughly 3/4 years.

love it. best web-site ever, hat off to whoever started this site.


£0 but will be up soon

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its a bloody addiction this place. a combination of knowing what i want to buy and trying to find it on here cheaper, and coming on without a clue in the world and getting my card out for something i never knew i wanted but its at such a steal it would be rude not to..


I have no money so hang out on misc

biggest amounts via offers here would prob be a 42" samsung plasma that was about £370 (less with our saved reward)? And a 60GB PS3 for £270, im gonna hunt the threads now lol
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