Posted 21st Sep 2022
Is this something to worry about?

• Nearside Rear Axle swivel pins and bushes swivel pin and/or bush slightly worn (5.1.2 (b) (i))
• Offside Rear Axle swivel pins and bushes swivel pin and/or bush slightly worn (5.1.2 (b) (i))

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  1. JHD007's avatar
    Ignore panic stations comment one - it’s advisory so is just wear and tear! Maybe the next mot will advise again or maybe it won’t

    That’s happened to me loads of times - advisory one year and the following year nothing gets mentioned on the previous years advisory’s despite nothing being done
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    Anonymous User
    Came here to post the same advice. I took my car to protyre for an MOT one, and they failed it, told me I needed new headlights, a new radiator, and two new front wheels. I immediately took it somewhere else and it passed with one advisory on tyre wear, which was actually noticeable, and was never mentioned at protyre. I had that car a further six years, and took it to several different places to MOT. Not a single one ever mentioned any of the issues that protyre mentioned, and it passed every subsequent MOT with minimal, totally unrelated advisories. I actually asked another garage if they could correlate the faults protyre gave me, and the guy said they couldn't find anything wrong with the lights, radiator or wheels.

    And as you say, a lot of times I get an advisory one year, next year it has magically gone away.
  2. Easy.Action.Baby's avatar
    I wouldn’t bother for a “slightly worn” ahem … bush.
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    Reminds of this time when a cleaner at my work came up to me once and told me she had a dry bush, true story
  3. sm9690's avatar
    Yes, your suspension could fall apart.
    I've had similar, getting a new control arm fitted next week
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    Wow, why only an advisory if it is that serious?
  4. haa0518's avatar
    Get it checked from a local garage to see if they need replacing.
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    I've got my own trusted mechanic, he's known the father in law for donkeys years but will do. MOT is due in Feb 2023.
  5. t3rm3y's avatar
    It's an advisory so not needing to be changed , but may deteriorate before next mot , do needs monitoring. When's your service ? If you can do service in-between mot then you can ask them to check and replace then. Mots are not designed to leave dangerous things so it's not to worry about at moment.
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    I'm going to book it in for a service, as it needs one. MOT up in Feb 2023.
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    Anonymous User
    Wouldn’t worry to much for now. Just keep an eye on it. You could enquire Costs but because you’ve got an old car maybe not worth it. We have the old Mazda 2 which is basically a Ford fusion. 55 plate over 100k miles and now we’ve finally decided to let it go the scrap yard as parts arnt worth it now
  7. mrcat0000's avatar
    just googled this issue and this thread came up...

    luckily you can search a cars MOT history, and I'm looking at a 12 plate fiesta (43k miles) and the last 2 MOTs this came up... i said I'd take the car anyway (collect it on saturday), it's now got a fresh 12 months MOT - low and behold those advisories have now gone..!

    i doubt that's been fixed, but more the fact the dealer and MOT centre are in cahoots together so that any such advisories disappear? as it's not the first time I've seen this...
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