MOT and car air bag light won't switch off

Posted 8th Jul 2015
I left my car for an MOT on Monday morning at my local garage (that I have used for several years now). After checking the car, I was told that it had failed and needed 2 new tyres, rollerbar, wipers, wiper motor, bulbs and a few other bits, also I was told that they would have to sort out the air bag light that wouldn't turn off. I was quoted £250 (£50 of that was for the MOT fee). Called today and was told that everything had been done except the air bag light and to call later. I phoned late this afternoon and was told that their diagnostic machine was giving out codes but they couldn't work out what the problem was as nothing they did turned the light off. It was suggested that I collect the car and take it to a Citroen dealer to get a diagnostic check done there, as apparently their machines are much better (he was also going on about all of the wires that are involved with the air bag). I called the Citroen dealer and was told it would cost me £101 (inc VAT) for a check to be done.

I told my garage that they should have sorted out the air bag problem first, before doing the other work, as now I have a car that has had around £250 spent on it by them and also now have to pay out another £101 to the Citroen dealer. Because of the age of the car - 13 years old, I was not prepared to spend too much on it for an MOT, but am now thinking that the Citroen dealer could quote me literally hundreds of pounds (perhaps a new air bag unit) to sort this problem out. I actually think that it's going to be ridiculously expensive to fix, and that I'm going to have to accept my losses and pay my garage £250 for an MOT failure that has a lot of new parts fixed to it, the £101 diagnostic check fee and then just scrap the car! I've never had this problem before with my garage, and because I put my car in for an MOT was expecting them to actually sort it all out for me. Not too sure what I can do about this, if anything, if it's going to cost a fortune to remedy, but just wish that the garage had looked at this problem first before going ahead and fixing everything else! The car is still at their garage at the moment and my current MOT certificate runs out on Saturday.
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