MOT at halfords autocentre?

    MOT due, we have a halfords autocentre within walking distance, MOT for £29.99,

    Never been to them before.

    I am always hearing things of certain garages saying 'car needs this, car needs that.....' and ending in a big bill!

    Anyone had MOT at halfords, thanks!


    Had an MOT with them a few years ago no issues.

    used halfords with apprehension for an MOT on an old XC90. Passed with a few warnings. Told tyres need doing soon but no pushing to get them done there. Even said would be cheaper to book online if wanted them done at some point soon. Would use them again. Obviously this is just a one off, others experiences may be very different

    Halfrauds, Just don't let them do any work on it.

    had mine done couple of weeks ago.
    great service. straight pass.
    and £29.99 can't argue with that

    I've used them once for a friends car but to be honest, i went down there and told them what was wrong with it. As i wanted a massive fail sheet due to the car being **** but he wasn't having any of it from me. After the MOT and three sheets of A4 (some advisories as well), he took it down to the scrappy.

    If you have some mechanical knowledge then any garage shouldn't be an issue. Any garage can try to pull the wool depending on who the customer is.

    MOT last three years at Doncaster Halfords, passed no problems all three times.

    Had my MOT there a couple of weeks ago, passed fine and done within an hour!

    Halfords fitted a hands free system to my colleagues brand new insignia, they also burnt out all the wiring behind the dashboard too! Can't beat local garage with good rep


    Halfords fitted a hands free system to my colleagues brand new insignia, … Halfords fitted a hands free system to my colleagues brand new insignia, they also burnt out all the wiring behind the dashboard too! Can't beat local garage with good rep

    Local garage gives a more personal experience. Im biased as i run a small garage employing 6 workers but smaller garages in general are more honest. I do about half of our mot tests myself and the worst tests are the sheds. If a car is a complete heap ie wil cost more to repair than the value of the car then customer wont repair it plus probably wont come back as its a bad experience for them

    Just tell them you want the mot test only and any work will be done by a family member or your normal mechanic that way they going to be as honest as possible because they know they can't make a mark up on work. Then if it dose fail on some silly points you know they were been honest and could always say ok that's minor you can do the work.
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    Basicaly pot luck....they vary so much. My sister had the worst experience once. She took her car in for their full service including new brake fluid and visual check and adjustment of brakes. She also had an mot booked straight afterwards with the same centre (but different department/mechanic) would never believe it but it failed on worn brakes LOL. She did point this out to them and they put the brakes right free of charge.

    had tyres replaced... after 3 rebalances to no avail (which i believe resulted in brakes pulsating due to vibrations) I will never go there again

    Very efficient and helpful staff at Halfords in Birkenhead. No problems with MOT.

    The Oxford branch took 3 hours to fit a set of tyres for me.
    Spent more time trying to find extra work that I all ready knew about.
    Would never take my car there for a MOT

    Original Poster

    It was me who posted the question and I actually ordered a full set of tyres from Asda tyres to be fitted by my local halfords autocentre last month. They fitted them within 1 hour. On dropping the car off they said they would check wheel alignment and if needed it would be £30. They called me to tell me it didnt need realignment and they took about 70 mins to fit my 4 tyres. Was shocked they didnt just say it needed realigned!!

    Think I will go for it.... .will let you know how I get on!

    Yep - I did, they didn't find anything wrong with my '97 BMW.

    My local garage is generally good, although my next car I took to Kwik fit as they were slightly cheaper.
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