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MOT failure - Kwik Fit tell me there's a 'new' rule?

Posted 12th Oct 2014
I had my MOT yesterday, I didn't have high hopes as my car was definitely on it's way out. The current MOT certificate doesn't expire til the 22nd of this month, and as per usual, like every year during that dreaded time, failure would have given me some time to shop around for parts etc etc before a retest. My car failed, as I knew it would, but the guy at Kwik Fit told me that there's a new rule that means a fail is a fail, regardless of whether the current certificate was still in date, and that I was now unable to drive my car from the test centre unless I was taking it to another garage or test centre.

I've searched everywhere online, even gov.uk still claim the 'old' rule still applies - anyone else heard of this?
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