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Can you guys please tell me what do you think of the motability scheme?
I have the Higher rate of disability living allowance and I am thinking of getting a car with this through the scheme. I give them the £180 a week I get from the alllowance (it will go directly to them from the goverment) In return I get a brand new car every 3 years. On some cars you have to put down a deposit some of them you can get with no deposit at all. The insurance, service, breakdown cover and the road tax is free. (road tax would be free anyway for a person getting the allowance)

Basically the allowance will amount to about £7000 in 3 years which technically goes on renting a brand new car, but with extras that are included I will save on insurance, etc. I have a 5 year old car which if fine, but I will want to change it within the next 2 years, for a safer car as I have kids so would have to spend money anyway. On this scheme I can get Ford S Max or Honda CR-V if I put down about 3K which my car is worth anyway right now.

What would you do?

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I am currently using the Motability scheme, I have a Citroen Picasso which I am due to change in 4 weeks. I have just ordered a new Mazda 5, 7seater with a £295 upfront payment.

The scheme works great for me, not having to worry about servicing costs, road tax repairs etc.
My advice would be to go for it!

ps. think in your post you mean £180 per month. :thumbsup:

Yeah it's not £180 a week for high rate mobility :giggle:

When i looked into it i decided that although you got a new car every 3 years etc i bought a new car on finance and it was a cheeper car but didn't use all my DLA mobility money and after the 3 years it was mine to keep/trade in/sell.

I have just got my first car on motability - worked out best for me since I am still a learner driver, so my insurance would of cost a fortune! It was all easy enough though and I think I will continue with it until such a time as I no longer need the high rate mobility payment
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