Mother and new baby gifts

    My other half gave birth to a beautiful baby girl today, Im looking for a small gift for the baby and also the mother, any ideas?



    My OH bought me some nice jewellery when we had our little ones-and it brings back special memories everytime i wear it - and a new born soft toy for the baby - which we kept to show them it was their first ever toy :thumbsup:

    Congrats again


    Lucky ladies to have someone so thoughtful.

    Maybe a braclet or locket for mum to keep a pic of the new baby in?

    A charm braclet for the baby. I have these for my daughters and get a new charm for special occasions like first birthday and stuff then it is a gift that lasts.

    congratz :thumbsup:
    for mum:necklace
    for the baby:soft cuddly toys

    Congratulations !!

    For mum, maybe a willow tree figure, you get some lovely ones of mother and child / mother, father and child.
    I'm not into figurines or ornaments at all, but i got one of these when my duaghter was born and loved the sentimant of it, now i've got lots for all different occasions.
    Its also something she can keep forever as a memory of when the baby was born and the sentiment behind you buying it.

    Just for reference..…cfm…cfm…aa/

    She may not be into that kind of thing, but just a suggestion.
    You can get them in H Samuel btw

    A locket is another nice suggestion.

    For baby, either soft toy, or bangle etc
    I also like those little baby record books, you can document everything they do and when they do it, fill it with info and pictures etc, she will appreciate looking back on it when she is older.

    Well done to mum, and hope they are both doing well.

    congrats lovely news:)

    how about a ring or necklace with pink stone to represent the birth of your daughter you could buy 2 obviously your new little one will not be able to wear it yet but both mummy and daughter will have the same

    Original Poster

    Thanks to everyone for there ideas and kind words, I opted for minnie mouse baby pink ted from disney store for Baby and a Thomas Sabo bracelet with pendent saying my little girl, mum thought it was fantastic, so im in the good books for a short time anyway:thumbsup:, and im sure baby loves her teddy:-D

    I was tempted to get baby a bangle, but mum will want to choose that.
    Again thanks for the ideas, and kind words.
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