mother in laws 50th

    Hi guys any help would be really appreciated. it is my mum in laws 50th and we want to get her something nice, we have thought about a pamper day, but i dont think that is special enough as we booked her one as a mothers day thing the other year. for my mums we sent her on the orient express so something along them lines, but at the minute are brains are drawing a blank.


    a noose,a packet of razor blades,a shotgun etc


    what about a break for a few days? we recently went to Prague with easyjet, who do packages now. We paid £87.00 each for 3 nights and it was brilliant. Would defo go again, Prague really is beautiful.

    Oh and that was flying from east midlands. I have also booked 2 nights in Dublin for January through Ryanair, flying from Birmingham. It cost 12p for 6 of us. Managed to book a big penthouse apartment and its costing £30 each for flights and 2 nights accomodation.

    take my mother-in-law............... :-D

    ...........I wish somebody would

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    thanks for the suggestions guys, loved the shot gun idea ha ha, the only thing with sending her away is they are like gypsies she works as a teacher and have they own chalet and every term holiday they either go to chalet go to the sun or go skiing, but i agree prague is fantastic, so the holiday thing is a no go as it is the norm to them.... always knew she was awkward

    last time my mother-in-law stayed for the night I suggested that she slip into something more comfortable before going to bed - a coma!!! :shock:

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    :giggle: :giggle:

    How about a family portrait?
    Alternatively when my Gran was 50 my parents organised a surprise party for her, invited all her friends and the family. She has always said that it was the best present ever!
    When my mother-in-law turned 50, me and my husband went to tenerife for two weeks, it was like all my christmas' had come at once lol!

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    mmmm like the family portrait idea maybe excluding me LOL
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