motherboard + 64 bit processor.

    Does anyone know of the best deal i can get on a motherboard and a 64 bit processor. preferably 939.

    The motherboard must support sata, and usb2 must be a standard.
    The processor needsto be atleast a 3000+

    Looking to spend around 150.

    thanks in advance.


    Novatech are my favourite. This link has some good value bundles.…tml

    Or, a very (very) nice motherboard…337
    Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe (£120)

    And Athlon 3200+ (£62)…105

    Have a look through the motherboards and processors and take your pick. Go for a 2GHz processor, though, and you should get a nice overclock to boot.

    You could even try an AM2 board and Sempron 3500+ for about the same price, though you'll need DDR2 RAM.
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