Motherboard and CPU package for around 100 pounds.

    Hi Folks

    Looking to upgrade my home pc and am looking for a mobo and cpu package.

    Will probably have around 100 pounds to spend.

    What/where is best place to get from and what should I be looking for, for this price?


    I would say the best place to ask would be the forums at [url][/url] .

    Sorry I don't really have any suggestions for you but do keep the following in mind:

    If you have an OEM copy of windows then it is tied to the motherboard so changing that would require a new licence.

    Also you'd need to check that your RAM, Graphics Card and any other components are compatible with the new motherboard.

    What would you be using it for? Internet/Email? :thinking: Video/Gaming (Retro)? :thinking: or All Purpose!

    Original Poster

    just general purpose mate, bit of everything. Would be looking at slowly upgrading as I go along, so would probably want something that has the ability to expand.
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