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Found 31st Aug 2010
My dads PC seems to have died and i believe its either the mobo or processor. He's looking to buy both (upgrade/repair) but he's unsure which to buy as he has 4x DDR2 2gb sticks, therefore limited to which mobo to use. His current motherboard is the 'Biostar A740G M2+ Socket AM2+ Motherboard' and the processor is the 'AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5600+ 2.90GHz (Retail AM2)'. Any help or advice will be greatly received +rep


It's unlikely both the cpu and motherboard has failed, if it wont switch on may be the psu.

If you have ddr2 best bet is get a cheap g41 mobo and chuck an intel quad or duo in.

Try THIS the old paper clip trick to see if it is your PSU.

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The PSU is fine and all the outputs have been checked. The mobo beeps when he tries to turn it on though.

Beeping is usually a hardware fault or something not seating properly. How about reseating RAM/Graphics card just to check for now?

Take the memory out, reset the bios and try one stick at a time.

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memory is fine. Ive sorted the beep out, it was the power supply to the graphics card. Still doesn't turn on though
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