Motherboard / CPU / HD deals...

    Does any1 know where I can get the cheapest CPU's / Mobo's etc (upgrading my PC)?

    Anyone recommend ebuyer / dabs / overclockers for this kind of stuff?



    first think/search/find the specific part you want then try to find the best deal for that part

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    right now i'm thinking of 2 Western Digital SATA drives.
    As for the CPU - i'm looking at an AMD AM2 CPU (don't know exactly which one yet) and most likely, an ASUS mobo

    I've stuck by Athlon for years but if I was to build a dual core machine at the moment it would have to be Intel. They are way ahead.

    yep I built 2x c2d machines... very nice and fast...

    i want to make a c2d pc but am lost tbh what mobo what cpu what mem what gfx hmm

    ok was told you can clock a 1.8 £120 cpu to a cpu that would cost you £600 so if thats the case what mobo would be good for that best for the price
    thenmeme and then gfx

    all as low a price as pos

    best bang for your buck


    what's your budget?

    £500 i know not a lot but i could go over also i have parts i can use here like Hds and dvdrw`s sata or ide and a good psu as i was about to make a system so all the rest

    thanks scooter

    what psu you have?

    antec tru power trio 650

    or is that not good ?? for a c2d ?


    that looks alright

    I bought the components in this bundle for my brother
    you can buy them from other retailers if you find better prices
    what video card you want?

    [SIZE=2]no idea dont need to run the best games out still have agp hehe nvidea geforce 6600 GT but i dont mind just something to get me going with the new system tbh [/SIZE]


    can i clock that mobo ?? take the cpu up to 2.4 or there abouts…tml Try Novatech for good value and excellent after sales service.

    yes you can overclock it with that motherboard
    x1950 pro (256mb) it's good value for money at ~ £120
    check forums... they have a special thread for gigabyte DS3 and DS4 motherboards...

    thank you for the help with this
    [SIZE=2]scooter [/SIZE]
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