Motherboard for a Intel 3570k

    Hi, I'm looking for a motherboard for a 3570k, I have never over clocked before but I would like to try,

    I have had a good look around but I got a bit dazed & confused & I cant decide what to go for, I would like to spend up to £80, maybe a little bit more if its worth it.
    I will be using a HD6950 GPU, I might buy another one if I find a bargain, but that's not really essential.



    Gigabyte, asrock, Msi and Asus make great boards.You need a z board to overclock such as gigabytes z77 ds3h…-GI
    I don't know whether the new boards like the z97 I think are compatible with 3570k but would be more future proof for you if they are.
    My brothers got your chip in an Asus z77 sli mobo and he's dead chuffed (running at 4.5 ghz)

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    Thanks for the reply ned, I have looked at lots makes of boards & the ds3h had caught my eye as its the cheapest z77, I had read that its overclocking ability's are supposedly a bit basic ( lack of v core settings). then I just read that it does it automatically?

    Yes the z97 are a different socket. I was thinking of crossfiring 2 6950's but the cheapest board with 2x16 pcie is about £88 & I would have to upgrade my 550watt psu & buy another gpu & monitor, so not worth the extra I think.
    I'm going to go for the ds3h as it's very cheap & it will do the job.
    Thanks for helping me make my mind up ned.

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    All done, got the ds3h for £35. that will do for a start.

    Holy crap, nice price

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    Holy crap, nice price

    Haha, £36 delivered at Scan.…851

    Posted the deal after they had taken my money…138
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