Motherboard help please

    Are these 2 motherboards the same? With the exception of the ram.
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    ]1st one and ]2nd one thanks in advance.

    Yea htey look exactly the same, same chipset etc

    Just one has DDR and the other DDR2


    They support different processor speeds,

    also the ram supported differs also just lookin quickly :thumbsup:

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    I'm gonna have no problems moving my P4 3.2 to the 2nd of the motherboads though am I?
    Rep left for both

    Theres not many Pentium 4's that were 3.6/3.8Ghz anyway.
    Hit those speeds and newer stuff came along that done it better.
    Dont want a P4 at those speeds, i have a P4 which is at 3.4Ghz and even thats murder to keep cool.

    no the processor supported is up to 3.6 so u shud be fine mate :-D


    I'm gonna have no problems moving my P4 3.2 to the 2nd of the motherboads … I'm gonna have no problems moving my P4 3.2 to the 2nd of the motherboads though am I?Rep left for both

    Cheersies :thumbsup:

    Nah it'l be fine, why you swapping though, as just upgrading DDR to DDR2 wont make much difference.

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    Just needed to know as I bought a new mobo and new case (not micro atx) but I hate the look of my new comp and want to move it back to it's orignal HP case. My original Mobo was damaged by my daughter.

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    Cheers to you both

    no worries paddy glad we reassured you.

    No probs.

    If you have spare DDR left, try and flog it, its still expensive the now so it will help offset the upgrade to DDR2.
    Brand new 1Gb of DDR is about £30, 2Gb of DDR2 is from £25-30.
    Even second hand, you should get something back.

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    Champion, can get my older better looking PC back, just gonna need some DDR2 ram now. Thanks guys

    Watch out with the HP stuff,
    Just fitted another board to a workmates m1170 pc...a PC 'ripoff' world special.
    Hp was going to charge £25 quid for the operating system disc because when the new board would be fitted the info on the hard drive would show big hardware change so it would spit its dummy out so to speak, and needed clean install.
    He wanted 2gig of memory as his pc only had 512mb of DDR, in a media centre pc running xp pro. that would of cost him about £70 just for memory..... so ...
    He paid £80 and i fitted a brand new mobo and 2 gig memory 800mhz.
    His cpu was the P4 3.0ghz HT running at 800fsb but the new board now futureproofs him as it will take the core 2 duo extreme and has a max fsb of 1333.

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    I'm covered with the OS, work for a large PLC

    The new mobo can only go up to PC4200 (533mhz) so mind not to bother with anything faster than that.…199

    That will give you an idea, the Extra Value stuff is usually rubbish, and "hit or miss" if itl work or not.
    The Kingston or Crucial stuff should be fine though.

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    Cheers, will sell the 2Gig of PC3200 I got in there on here.

    just out of curiosity how much are hp gonna charge u for that "old" board
    might be best to buy a newer generic asus board which will take c2d and have extras like raid,gigabit ethernet etc, the all practically the same as long as u stick to the standard micro-atx and should take ur processor till u can put a faster one in
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