motherboard help please

    I have taken my external hardrive out of the caddy to see if its still working as it wont power through usb.
    I have 2 x320 sata drives in the tower at the moment
    I tried disconnecting each one and plugging the external , both times the external showed up on boot , but the pc would not boot i think they are joined on raid 0 but i dont know much about that
    i can see one spare sata socket on the motherboard where the 2 dvd drives are plugged, there is a spare harddrive connection hanging in there too, will it be ok to plug the external into those 2, does it matter where the sata socket is situated on the motherboard, thanks


    It doesn't matter as long as it's SATA...

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    thats all i want to know just incase i fried something, do you think it will reconize and boot as a third drive, there is space in there for a third just nothing to slot it into
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    Depends if the drive is good or not...

    SATA is hot pluggable, so you could plug it in whilst the PC is on and see if it pops up in Device Manager or in Disk Management.

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    thanks ill have a try

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    i had a spare dvd drive in there that kept getting writing errors so i took that out the plugged the sata connections that were in that into the external drive and put the drive in there.
    Its booted as a third drive and all my stuff is still there thankfully.
    Will it be ok to leave it connected like that browni, thanks

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    Only using AHCI, not recommended otherwise.

    I turned pc off anyway before i did it, just what to make sure its ok to leave like that
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