Motherboard likely broke..what's my best options in the current climate

Posted 16th Jan 2023 (Posted 13 h, 42 m ago)
I've got an AMD 2600 in a b450 pro carbon AC motherboard. GPU is a recent purchase and a 6700xt (msi mech).

Started to have issued a couple weeks ago where half my ram was being allocated to the system. testing lots.of things out it turns out my A ram channel on my motherboard doesn't work and both the first slots don't boot with ram in only.

initially I thought it was a ram stick issue so have just purchased 32gb of new ddr4 but then on testing found it was the channel, as above.

Now kinda stuck with where to go to get this system running well. I'm very tight on budget after the recent GPU and ram purchase and I see motherboard are bloody expensive now.

Basically I'm looking for suggestions on which motherboard route to go down. is there a cost effective middle range board that would work now but also allow me to upgrade in the future to a 5th gen AM4 processor and still be pretty good. I'm going to reseat my CPU before ordering anything just incase that solves the issue.

Sorry for the ramble, hope that makes sense. thanks!
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    That sucks. Definitely reseat your CPU. Make sure the heatsink mounting isn't bending the board.
    Then try reassembling the motherboard out of the case to rule out anything shorting.
    I have bad news - this could also be faulty CPU. Yes, that never used to be a thing, but now that (both Intel and AMD) CPUs run the RAM speeds so high, the memory controller on the actual CPU can go bad.
    Only way to test that is with a known good CPU.
    Thank you. Need to find a way to test which is going bad. Seems if it's the CPU that's would be preferable as.i would just get a 5600. Think the mobo is looking to cost more.
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    I presume you've tried swapping all your existing dimms in all the sockets, before you bought more?

    If your rams faulty, it's probably still under warranty?

    I've not heard of memory controllers on processors failing? If the cpu is faulty, it should also be under warranty from amd?

    Cheapest option would be a 2nd hand mb or cheapest compatible one you can find.

    Is your system clean and dust free inside? You could try a can of air duster then a spray of isopropyl alcohol or electrical contact/switch cleaner.
    Hey that's for replying. Yea I did try the slots before buying more but I stupidly did them in pairs mostly and when I did try it singularly it seemed to confirm one of the sticks was bad. It was only when getting the new sticks and still having the issue that I really methodically tested and found the issue. Old Ram would be 3.5 years old, same with CPU and motherboard so all out of warrent unfortunately.

    I did clean it about a month ago when I put the gpu in the system used a compressed air can. I took the CPU cooler fan off and cleaned it so do wonder if I put too much in pressure on it possibly.
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    Lol. I read the title as mother in law likely broke
    They're all broken in real life
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    Might not fix it. But have you tried reflsshing motherboard bios? Or updating it? Twice in recent months my pc has refused to boot and not recognised the graphics card and a bios flash helped. I can put latest bios on a usb stick and flash bios by pressing a button on motherboard and has fixed things twice for me.

    So annoying to diagnose these things. Try Reddit too as more experts there. (edited)
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