Motherboard Problem!

    hey, built my 1st pc yesterday but there is a problem, the motherboard power cable from the psu is to short, because 1 have a front psu mounted case. So my question is would this extension cable do the trick?…jsp[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccdhadegeldlkhmcflgceggdhhmdfom.0&category_oid=&sku=155709&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null

    Cheers guys



    I've never heard of a power cable being too short.. is your case really big?
    could you take a pic of it pls?

    If your motherboard takes the 8-pin power cable, then yes this will be fine.

    assuming these are the correct connectors for your mobo you are good to go.

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    O!, my motherboard is a 4 pin connector i think! Shoot!!

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    This is the case i bought:
    The psu is at the front at the bottom and the motherboard connectors are up the top at the back

    I had a case with inverted motherboard mounts and had very similar problems. If you're feeling frisky and you're a bit of a techy you could always try extending the cables yourself but that really is your own choice. I've done it due to lack of patience and money and its worked fine.

    Other than that I've just had a quick google and found ]http//ww…tml

    That should do the trick but I don't have the time to find one in the UK right now. Shouldn't be too hard


    This is the case i bought:] psu is … This is the case i bought:] psu is at the front at the bottom and the motherboard connectors are up the top at the back

    Just a thought - should the case not come with extenders as it seems designed to have the PSU in the wrong place - if you see what I mean? Another thought post on ebuyer as other who bought this will have the same problems or email ebuyer support for the ri advice as they should sell the correct adapter.

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    Theres a part here on maplin, i think this will do the trick


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